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Charco's The Flaming Chicken
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Lepak Kopitiam
Hong Kei Restaurant
Amherst Sushi Bar
Sarawak Hawker Cuisine
GOALS International
Auction Services Australia
SLP - Sell Lease Property
LJ Hooker
Ray White
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Like a super hero who's out in the world saving brands from bad identity designs, I will swoop in and set things right. No capes, no underwear on the outside, no mask or lasso - just a mouse, mac and my full attention :)

Specialising in brand design and creation for more than a decade, I know the in's and out's of getting your brand noticed and remembered by your customers.

If you feel that your brand has lost its direction or would like to stand out from the crowd with a new unique branding, don't hesitate - hit the 'Contact' button below and let's get connected.