BRAND DESIGN - Charco's The Flaming Chicken

Charco’s The Flaming Chicken has been around for over 30 years, situated in the suburb of Huntingdale, Western Australia selling charcoal grilled chicken and beautiful fresh salads.

I get to know George the owner through an ex colleague of mine who is a friend of George’s. The first job I did for George was the store loyalty card in 2011. Fast forward to today, we have became great friends and his family has became mine as well!

In 2015, Charco’s needed a re-brand from a tired and old look. George asked me to give the brand a revive and make it relevant. The original logo lock up has the chicken as well and I thought we need to retain that as it is a brand equity built up over 30 years. In came the new modern fresh fonts as well as a new font suite and colours. The personality and feel was adapted through all their marketing right to the staffs’ clothing and store look. Below are just some examples of Charco’s marketing and branding.